Heck - lawyers are funny (and other topics)

I told y'all last week about my impending interview. It actually went quite well (not to jinx myself) but the best part about it was that I learned that lawyers are funny! I thought my fellow bloggers and I were alone in this aspect, but apparently they're pretty funny and quite easy to interview with - granted, this was two lawyers and they may be an exception to the rule.

I went to my hometown this weekend to visit my parents. Don't you wish sometimes that you could just move back home where you get home-cooked food every day (not the McDonalds and frozen meals that have been my dinners of late) and where your parents buy you things (like food and necessities) because they have noticed that since you started law school you have become quite incapable of taking care of yourself. That, and my father thinks that the state I live in for school has absolutely no ethnic or spicy foods and is determined to keep his daughter well fed.

Also, our fellow blogger Class Bitch is stuck in NY in the snow. Which is quite funny to the rest of us, and will surely create some good fodder for her to blog about. (And if her ranting email says anything, it's that this should be interesting when she does.) Drink another Cosmo for me Classy!

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