The Big Interview

Well, today is the day that Lance Ito and I have our big interviews. We have been putting all our eggs in one basket so to speak, so if we don't get these jobs, we will be spending the next month or so in a panic looking for work (and any work at that.) So here is my big question:

Why do we have to be so fake at these things?

It's funny, I usually tend to be quite good at meeting new people, but interviews are different. They are there for the sole purpose of seeing if you can cut it, and don't care about much else. That's a bit intimidating, and they're always so serious! I like to make things more personable in an interview, but that's quite a goal with these lawyers sometimes. I guess that's what good about becoming one, soon I'll be able to strike fear in the hearts of law students everywhere. Soon I will have the power to make or break their day.

That being said, Larceny is wearing her power suit today, so if nothing else - I will look DAMNED good.

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