We're back, time for some more high school like fun

You see, our law school is like being in high school. We attend a small, private law school where everyone knows pretty much everyone, and we all have something to say about everyone. Hence, the start of this wonderful blog: a couple friends in law school that are tired of the ridiculous goings on and feel we should share them with the rest of the country to understand our misery.

Our law school has issues with "competition." We are constantly told not to be competitive, and that we must not think of ourselves as "grades and scores" but as "people." So beyond that completely ridiculous assertion, our law school has the competition atmosphere of high school. My fellow lawbitch blogger Calculating Bitch, knows first hand that in this school, we are not to be competitive and too concerned about our ranking! (She spent a little too much time thinking about her ranking, and this caused great uproar in our class). So, hold on out there: we assure you that we will have great stories from our small, private and high schoolish law school.

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