I got nothin' people.

It’s time for a LawBitch confession people. We are boring. Not so much that we are boring people generally (we seem to at least be able to entertain each other) but other than that, we are boring. I spent a good half hour this morning trying to think of something to write about for a post. But alas, Nothing is happening!

To give you an idea of how boring our lives are at the moment, yesterday the most exciting thing to happen to me was a discussion of an evening of Taco Bell and Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck wine. (Which, say what you will is pretty damned exciting). Swinging Kennedy got uber-excited after finding out during our Corporations class that a certain porn-quality website name is not registered, and that he could make millions off creepy pervs. (Can’t give you the name, he’d kill me.) I really haven’t ever seen him that excited in that class, and if the prof looked at him, she would have thought he was really excited about Shareholders - at least that’s what I think we were talking about. And if you’re wondering if he did actually do searches for various phrases like “angrily masturbate” and “spank my monkey” while in class, why yes, yes he did. It’s why I love him so. Calculating Bitch just runs around yelling at 2Ls all day, which isn’t as exciting as it sounds because they just go on their merry way and don’t really get it. I’ll Play Anita just yells at us a lot to stop emailing each other 50 times a day (This is the fault of Sandra Gay and I - we have an absolutely awful, mind-numbing, please someone walk into this class and stab us both in the face so we can at least feel something, class) - so its how we entertain ourselves, got any better suggestions? I haven’t seen Reasonable Peep in ages. Oh, and John Roberts is the only one doing anything of value, working for clinic this semester and helping the less fortunate. Blah. Blah.

So if you’re wondering why the posts aren’t coming much lately, it’s because we have nothing. Being a 3L sucks. It’s boring, you already know you don’t really have to pay attention in class, and it’s all the same old shit anyway. So the only form of entertainment is porn searches during class, oh and the Facebook Pirates game. Except Swinging Kennedy won’t stop bombing me - the fucker. I'm going to try to not complain about things being boring though, the last time I whined about how bored I was, a 2L hit my car, and we'll just leave that story at that and let you surmise how that went. Needless to say, maybe boring isn't so bad. At least I don't look like this.
I know that was mean, but holy shit that creeps me out. And was about a day's worth of conversation among the LawBitches, so Happy Halloween!


Token said...

*hand shoots in air*

THANK GOD I am a 2L and life is still EXCITING!!!!!

The Swinging Kennedy said...

very well done Larceny. I had been feeling the exact same way... I guess the "bore you to death" year is dead on. Kill me now.