Credit Where it is Due

I truly have to thank John Roberts for his help yesterday. John is too busy to attend class today, as wrapping himself in rubber and donning multiple wetsuits after inserting a "foreign object" into his anus has occupied his time. So my thanks will have to be shared publicly.

John, the knower of all things Mac (and "foreign objects"), found me a computer program that can play even the most problematic of my porn videos. Through internet virus or otherwise, the separate hard drive I store my porn on has slowly been causing "viewing problems." Thanks John. Your assistance will keep me happy for a long time. (longer than the "assistance" you normally lend)

For those of you who have missed me, I have been super busy lately. Hating law school takes a lot of energy. And I am angrily masturbating a lot to get past it. Hence the porn necessity. I have also been applying for a lot of jobs. Generally, I try not to combine the two activities. But, alas, we all have our failings.

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