Security Breach

It happened when I was sitting at my desk this morning, reveling in the fact that for the first time in three weeks I didn't have to go to trial, and I was finally trying to attack the mass of papers that have accumulated. I was the only person in the office so far (or so I thought), so I had a little bit of Madonna playing (shut it Bitches!). All of a sudden I heard some movement from behind one of the other desks.

I didn't think much of it, just that maintenance had gotten in early or something. I heard someone talking, so I figured there were probably two of them changing lightbulbs or figuring out why it can NEVER be a comfortable temperature in the room. I just turned down the Madonna (seriously! Shut it!) and got back to answering the billion emails I had ignored over the past couple weeks.

Then I heard, "Mmm... Granola Bar."

That peaked my interest, so I got up and walked around the corner of the cubicle and came to find a homeless-looking guy rifling through one of my coworker's desks.

When I asked him politely to leave, he mentioned the couch we have in a side office that we use for napping (hey, we're government employees). "Mind if I crash here for a little while?" Ummm... yes, actually.

On his way out though, he was at least nice enough to say, "Oh, and thanks for breakfast."

He and I could get along.


E. McPan said...

At my old firm, they had a problem with homeless people coming in to use the bathrooms in the main lobby, so they put combination locks on the doors. With roman numerals. In a circle. Which only ensured that *I* couldn't use the bathroom either. I didn't last long there.


Watch your back. You alone in an office... homeless guy knows it... sounds like a bad situation...