Quote of the Day Courtesy of Lance Ito

So Lance Ito and I are sitting in the library (like good law students). Mostly we are discussing the kick-ass LawBitch happy hour that is going on tonight (what? It's Oktoberfest!) I pull out my paycheck that I got today from The Firm and started whining about how now that I'm not working full time, the paycheck's are depressing. And then I started bitching about the taxes. And then I said "OASDI tax? What the fuck is that??"

Lance Ito: "I think it's a safety thing."

Me: "No, that's OSHA." (And then I start laughing hysterically.)

His response? "Hey, I'm not going into tax or social security law. Fuck."

And then we discovered that OASDI is the Old Age, Survivor's, and Disability Insurance Tax. Yeah. I said it was bullshit they got the biggest chunk of my paycheck. And Lance Ito said "Fuck the old people, I don't care what they had to eat on the island during 'Nam, they don't get my money."

But Lance Ito, what about their safety?

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