Labor Day: Reminding You of All That is No More

Ahhh... That was fun.

And now this isn't.

Labor Day is fun because it is a "bury your head in the sand" sort of thing that reminds most of us that at one time we did have a life, got to play outside, had friendships and relationships outside of school, and had free time to hang around and not feel like you had a ton of shit to do. We drink, not out of need or social anxiety, but because its fun.

But, as with many "bury your head in the sand" activities, Labor Day is truly only a cruel taunt, which actually increases the sand pile you are buried in, setting upon you an endless task list to which you WILL comply. And all that fun stuff over the weekend? Well, fall break will be coming up soon. You can make it till then. Right?

Back to drinking out of necessity.

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