One More Reason to Sell Your Soul

So here's another thing they never tell you in law school: Sell out early.

Now in our Third Years, many of us are starting to hear about other 3Ls who have already been offered jobs upon graduation at the various places they clerked over the summer. In fact, several of your Bitches have been offered jobs, and we heartily congratulate them, even though the rest of us hate them a little for it.

For those of us who are going more towards public interest jobs, government jobs, the "I want to assuage my guilt for being white" "do good for the world cause I have a small penis" jobs, turns out we get kinda screwed.

In addition to taking a rather significant pay cut, which we all knew going in, as it turns out we will also be the last to find jobs: the places we clerked, if hiring at all, won't be making decisions until late April. Until then, we get to apply to other jobs that won't make a decision until then either. With each job application, I realize how much I am standing at the bar at the end of the night just hoping to be drunk enough to not notice that the guy I am going home with looks like a bloodied Shihtzu. Fun times, to be sure.

Is it time to bend over, take it up the ass and just find a corporate job I'll hate like a two-dollar hooker knowing that this is better than going without crack?

Not quite yet, but I am starting to lube up.


Anonymous said...

im confused

although this is a BITCHES blog, the author of this entry is Kennedy, so what is the identity of this person a male or a female?

reading a female talk about taking it up the ass and lubing up is a BIG difference.

John Roberts said...

Why does it make a difference? The only thing getting close to your excuse for a cock is your hand, and that's only because the poor thing doesn't have a choice; I'm sure it would rather bathe in lye.

Litigious Mind said...

This blog would be funny if it wasn't exactly my life at the moment. A lot of good my public defender summer experiences did me now.