My Summer by the Numbers: Calculating will be so proud!

Wow summer is really going by quickly, and I for one, am not happy about it. But, to entertain myself for say, 20 minutes I decided to follow in our grand leader’s footsteps. And for those of you who know my skills with numbers, you can probably guess that the accuracy of my numbers may be off. But they’re close.

Days off I had before I started working full time summer hours: 2 (For Calculating’s End Of Year Party and the day after to sleep it off)

Number of fiction/mystery/suspense novels I have read: 42

Number of books I had on hold waiting for summer before the last day of classes: 10

Number of hours I work a day: 8 ½ - 9 hours

Number of hours that the new law clerk annoys me per day: 8 ½ - 9 hours

Number of times that the new law clerk has worn head to toe denim (yes, this includes a headband, a jumper, keds-style shoes and a matching bag): 2 (neither day was a Friday)

Number of times the new clerk has worn denim capris with pink bows on them, a red velvet jacket and 4-inch stripper heels: More times than I care to think about

Number of times the new clerk has been confused about what the Rules of Evidence are and what a lawyer means by “deposition” or “arbitration” or “voir dire”: At least 8

Number of times that one of our other clerks has referred to this clerk as “Dumbass” with her in the room and her having no idea who he was talking about: 7 or so hilarious moments

Number of times the lawyers at my work go golfing: 5 days a week, about 4 hours a day

Number of lawyers at my office: 20

Number of Mercedes/Audi/BMW: 20

Number of those cars in our office parking lot right now: 0

Days that I have had to do actual intense work: Mmmm…12?

Parties my firm has had since summer started: 4

Parties where alcohol was involved: 4

Times when I think being a lawyer definitely has its advantages: Every day

So the summer is going along pretty famously, considering I’m attempting to enjoy myself in the knowledge that next summer is going to suck ass. Oh, and said clerk’s outfit today? Pink pants, a purple lingerie top (Remember when those were a big thing a few years ago?) and black heels. Sweet.


Rick Lax said...

how many hours of sleep do you get every night?

Calculating Bitch said...

I am so proud! You're moving up in the world.

Now, if I could just show you how to utilize Excel... ;-)