My Summer So Far: By The Numbers

As we approach the best holiday of the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day, I realized that our time out of class is almost halfway over. What a better way to commemorate a half way point then by running down the numbers?

43: Days off I had before I started my summer job
76: Books that I've checked out from the library since my last final
13: Days that I've actually had to go to work
3: Days of work that were spent doing "orientation" activities
83: Emails that I received before I even had email access at work
5: Days of work that were spent in Orlando doing "training" (read: training, imbibing in adult beverages, and attending amusement parks)
199: Dollars per night my hotel in Orlando cost
5: Days that I've actually had to work
38: Hours that I've actually billed to clients during those 5 days that I've actually worked
5: Work-sponsored happy hours I've attended since I started a little over two weeks ago
2: Times I've actually had to pay for lunch since I started
1: Law review article that I've had to edit

Overall, the summer has been pretty solid so far. Enjoyed sometime off, had some fun in Florida with the expense account footing the bill, and already earning time-and-a-half for those overtime hours. Plus, people work hard and play even harder where I'm at this summer.

I guess I'd better enjoy it while I'm still an intern, because apparently once you sign full-time, the wining and dining ends and the firm owns you. Or so I'm told. Almost makes me wish I could just stay in law school for a little while longer...and work a few more internships...hmm...


Rick Lax said...

mmm...staying in school for longer sounds nice. maybe we should do med school?

prettylawchick said...

wow! im jealous!


Guy Fawkes said...

Less working, more blogging imo.