My mother has figured out law school.

So, there's a "controversy" around the law bitch law school currently. I won't go into detail, so as not to ire those at our school who seem to be highly personally involved in the situation and take it as a personal affront if no one agrees with them. Basically, a student group is requesting funding from the student fees to do something that a good amount of people do not want their student fees to go to. And this is something that for anyone outside of law school, would seem to be common sense. As an example, let's say a student group wanted to say, set things on fire and claim that this is "educational." And their posters say, "Ever want to learn what it's like to set awesome things on fire? Come to our meeting!" So okay, this may be a bad example, but you get the point. To most people this is common sense. No, if you want to set things on fire, do it on your own time, it's stupid to use school funding for it right? I mean, I don't care if you want to burn shit, just don't spend my money doing it. Pretty simple right? Nope, not for law students! Instead of just saying, "This is stupid, no" they argue about legal rights, and responsibilities to student creativity, and constitutional rights and blah blah blah. As my mother (who is a high school teacher) put it when I told her about this:

"High school students are stupid because they do things without thinking. Law school students are just like high school students, only they do stupid things because they think too much." And then she added, "also, I think your classmates probably just like to hear themselves talk and sound all cool talking like lawyers."

Ah, mom. Couldn't have said it better myself.


Calculating Bitch said...

Thats almost as good as what one of the bitches's spouses said after hearing the story:

"What the hell!!! Who are these people??? I thought you law people were supposed to be smart!"

angela said...

Well said, mama.

dicta said...

what about if they wanted to burn the money? would that be acceptable?

a group at our school formed to beg the graduating 3Ls for money for a senior gift. they want to get trees, 1 for each of our campuses. of course this is moot, since 1 campus will surely be either sold or bulldozed and rebuilt in a year or 2. i'd rather take the money and burn it.

Useless Dicta said...

Your mom rocks :) (nuff said!)