To those considering going to law school


Law school is pretty much going to ruin your life, you are after all, working towards becoming an attorney. It's also going to cost you a big chunk of change in the process.

My suggestion would be that if you want to ruin your life and spend a lot of money doing it, pick up a hard drug habit. At least then you'll enjoy the trip to the bottom. I hear coke's a blast.


issuethewrit said...

I think if you get a job in a law office during law school it will be ok. You need to maintain a positive attitude, eat right and go to the gym. I have no college degree and passed the Bar Exam with no college or law school degree, becoming a lawyer with no law school - degree. However, I did attend law classes at night after I had already passed the Baby Bar Exam. But I passed the General Bar Exam with a year or so left of law school. it did not ruin my life and I am doing great!

issuethewrit said...

Here are those links in html:

How to Become a Lawyer With No Law School

Anonymous said...
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Briony Jordan Shutt said...

LOL ! My Thoughts exactly ...Great Read, Loving the short and sweet approach.

Blessings and Regards

Briony J Shutt