Damn you Lance Ito

So, it looks like the sumabit#@ may have gotten me sick. I walked into Tax and Lance Ito looked like crap. I had noticed a faint scratchy throat this morning, so I asked him if he was okay and he says to me, "I'm sick." Ah, shit. Lance Ito and I spent lots of quality time together last week because he took pity on me because tax law is the bane of my existence and he was trying (in a valiant effort I might add) to explain it to me. So, I'm sure I'm gonna get it. Shoot, shoot, double shoot. Doesn't my body know I don't have time to get sick. I will add that at one point, while Lance was trying to teach me Tax Law, Lance told me to read him the question and when I got to reading the number $432,347 or something of a combination like that I read it all wrong and he said, "Geez Larceny, no wonder you can't do math, you can't even read numbers." So what I say? If any of you all got somethin' to stay about my math skillz, you can shove it! (I mean that lovingly). I realize I probably test for math at the 9 year old level.

However, I think Lance got sick as karma for almost trying to kill a bicyclist with his car door this morning. Damn bicyclists, can't they see that Lance had places to be? That's not as bad though as Sandra Gay wishing they didn't count as pedestrians so she could run them off the road.

Also, because it made me happy: John Robert's never-fail, always superior, blah blah blah Mac - it failed today. He had to reboot. That's my present to you PC people.

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LawStudentGuyPerson said...

Damn, is everyone geting sick? Half my classmates are coughing with sore throats, while I have itchy bloodshot light-sensitive eyes.