Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

So there has been a bit of a common theme in a lot of the searches that have led people to There's No Competition lately...
  • "nude blog sites"
  • "gay amateur"
  • "revenge nude pictures"
  • "horny bridesmaids"
  • "tight ass"
  • "porn rude bitches"
  • "nylon fetish"
  • "high School bitches with ass"
  • "hot beef boning"
  • "soft porn"
  • "Bad nasty little bitches big ass"
  • "skanky blonde bitches"
  • "remote control vibrator"
Does mean that we are moving up in the world? Or falling even farther down?

Or perhaps law school is just allowing us to flourish in our perversion?


The Reasonable Peep said...

what I want to know is who actually searches "hot beef boning"? Interesting, then the correlation between us and that...not too far off the mark!

Larceny Bitch said...

What I want to know is, why do people search for these things, see our site that's called "There's No Competition in Law School" and think, "Oh! They'll have exactly what I'm looking for!" Are lawyers supposed to be creepy pervs on top of being alcoholic assholes? Did I not get the memo?`

Ellen James said...

That is freaking hilarious.

What service do you use to get that information?

dicta said...

oh shit, did i type beef? i meant queef.

Lily Graypure said...

I once got "virgins getting it done hard for the first time."

The BLS said...

LOL. That is rad. The only thing bringing people to my site are "Dale Earnhardt Jr pictures" and "Tom Welling pictures."

Well, that and "free porn." So you're not alone in the world. :)

Legal Bachelor said...

<-- jealous.

I need to write a few posts with a smattering of random dirty porn phrases in order to get some of these fun search terms.