Another Day in Blogger History

Maybe I should have titled this "I can't believe it took this long..."

Up until today, we had never received any spammer comments on this site, so we hadn't enabled verification on the comments. Due to two in one day, I have now enabled the word verification feature. Sorry to all, because it drives me nuts, but I don't need any real estate from an online broker and I don't care to purchase the miracle kitchen knife, so in order to keep these solicitations to a minimum, commentors now have to go the extra step.

Now try to solicit me. I mean it. Give me your best shot.


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Calculating Bitch said...

So thats what your doing every day when you tell me that you "go to work."

Hmm, the excuses to not meet for lunch, the avoiding me in the halls at school, it all makes sense now... just wait until I try to sell you on Westlaw! :)

John Roberts said...

Try and sell me? Why do you think I've been avoiding you?

Ellen James said...

Does anyone else get hese types of e-mails, especially on gmail?

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