Ah, The Things We Missed...

So, in an exercise to see how the LawBitches felt about being out of class for an entire three months (well, all except us few crazies taking summer school), I asked the group to respond to what they missed the most about law school. This exercise was chosen so that once we all start hating law school in like two days, we can read this post and remind ourselves why we were so, um, eager to start school again:

Calculating Bitch
I missed…
1) Drinking every day in class. Oh, wait. I just kept drinking every day at work, so I guess that didn’t really change.
2) Having my self-esteem battered at every turn. Mostly by my fellow blogger, Mr. Roberts.
3) Constantly being accused of being a calculating bitch. Never mind, emailing back and forth all summer took care of that.

Seriously, I didn’t really miss anything, because I’ve been at the school all summer. Kind of hard to miss it when you never left it. (Yes, I live a sad, sad life.)

John Roberts
Having a readily available system for assessing my worth as a human being.

Larceny Bitch
Larceny: What have I missed about law school?! Is this a trick question? Not a damned thing.

Roberts: Not even me?

Larceny: Sorry John, but seeing you on an almost everyday basis means that I must be back in school.

Roberts: But surely the pleasure, not to mention privilege, of being graced with my magnificent presence on a nearly daily basis overcomes any and all negative aspects of law school? Surely my stunning visage and cunning wit are worth doing a few case briefs, no?

Larceny: Sigh. How do I put this lightly so as to not hurt your feelings? No.

Roberts: It looks like the end of your message got cut off. I'll just assume that what you meant was "No... you are so right John. All the bad of law school just melts away when I am in your presence. What did I ever do before I met you?"

Larceny: What did I do before I met you? Well, I didn't go to law school. Man, those were the fucking days. Also, I didn't want to stab myself in the eye every time I got an email reminding me of all the shit I have to do for school. And last but not least, I didn't need to drink myself into a drunken stupor just to get through a few hours where I didn't think about law school or having to see all you assholes again. (I'm kidding on the assholes part. Kinda)

The Reasonable Peep
I have really missed the people. During 1l mayhem, I was privileged to meet some pretty fantastic people who have made the law school experience enjoyable. I have also missed karaoke sessions/parties after finals because that is when you really learn the importance of drinking...

Other than that, I have missed using highlighters daily, being so in tuned with the internet and all the entertainment blogs, feeling productive (intellectually), and the location of the law school – there is so much to do around it!

Sandra Gay
I have sincerely missed the times when I weigh heavy and important questions such as, "Will I die faster if I stab myself in the face with a pencil, or jump head first from my desk?" or "USRAP? What the hell is that?" I have also missed the art of delicately timing the "chat constantly online during class and play solitaire while looking up and making eye contact with the professor regularly" routine. Of course, I've missed all you assholes too.

I've missed...
1) Routine. I've been taking classes but I need the routine to keep me from slipping toward insanity. Once I know that I will have two hours to read for every one hour of class and 1 hour to outline after, I will be a happy man.
2) Friends. There are a few friends who I haven't seen since we turned in our last final. It will be nice to see them.
3) Free Lunches. I know with the incoming class being the largest yet, there will be plenty of free lunches.
4) Reduced Parking. I've been working at school this summer and have had to pay the going rate for parking with has sucked the big one.
5) Fellow Bloggers. I'm missed the smily faces of all of my fellow bloggers.


dicta said...

i missed being so bitter. ahhh its good (bad) to be back.

fuckin pennsylvania

Ellen James said...

Pretty much the only thing I missed were my friends and acquaintances - and it's weird how the maek-up of your classes changes in your 2nd year. So many of my close friends aren't taking the same classes I am...oh well...