Publicly Scorned

Aka Calculating's revenge for the unsubstantiated accusations in the Pitiful post.

Calculating: For some reason this link made me think of you.

John Roberts: Um... thanks... I'm not sure I want to know your reason for thinking of me. :-) Those are some of the better spoofs I've seen of those ads though, so thanks for sharing.

Calculating: We will just leave that alone... ahem(midget porn)

John Roberts: I was thinking more along the lines of either pathetically nerdy or else annoyingly arrogant. I hadn't even considered the perversion angle. I guess the summer has dulled my skills.

Calculating: Well, there is that too: arrogant Mac owner. But the key is a perverted, arrogant Mac owner.

John Roberts: You forgot the pathetically nerdy part. Also, I'm not just an owner. Since I push it on you guys, that makes me a proselytizer too. So that's perverted, pathetically nerdy, arrogant mac proselytizer.

Calculating: Just remember, you said it.

John Roberts: So I guess we need to add self-loathing to that list too.

Calculating: Okay, this conversation might turn into an amusing blog post...

John Roberts: I guess we also need to add publicly scorned then too.

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John Roberts said...

Oh sure. You edit our posts all the time to fix the tiniest of mistakes, but when I actually make a big one, in good faith mind you, you leave it in so you can mercilessly mock me for your own amusement.

You big meanie.