Musings of a Post 1L Summer Associate

Lance Ito has a job for the summer. Working at "Law Firm X." The work at times is rather tedious, as of right now all I do is legal research and legal memos for the partners/assoicates. However, there is no denying that I am learning a lot this summer. I am looking forward to my first "field trip" (attending a deposition, sitting in on a mediation, etc.). Just so everyone else out there school doesn't really teach you anything about being a lawyer out in the "real world." Two interesting conversations I have had recently...

Lance: Well, I think we may be able to get around this issue by arguing that the law is bad for public policy.
Partner: Usually in briefs we don't argue for or against "public policy."
Lance: Well in Law School all our professors told us we should always make a public policy argument.
Partner: That's because they have an "ivory tower" mentality, all the law review papers they write are all about "public policy." You argue public policy in front a judge and he will laugh you right out of the courtroom.
Lance: (thinking to himself) I wonder if I can make this argument on my next exam??

Moral of Story #1- Law School does not prepare you to become a lawyer.

Partner: [After going through the facts for the case] So we are going to sue this guy, I need you to write a summons and complaint based on what we just discussed.
Lance: (trying to impress the partner) I remember those from Civil Procedure, so are we going to give him the option to waive personal service and therefore he would have 60 days to reply to the complaint?
Partner: We always do personal service so they only have 20 days, we like to keep things moving briskly.
Lance: So how exactly do I write the summons and complaint?
Partner: Didn't you learn that in Civil Procedure?
Lance: [blink...stare...blink]

Moral of Story #2- Law School does not prepare you to become a lawyer.


Larceny Bitch said...

I've written 3 summons and complaints since starting here Lance, let me know if you hit a wall and Larceny will hook you up on how to do one.

Anonymous Law Student said...

I'd be screwed.

......................... said...

Lance After this summer you and I are going to the be reasearch and memo writing masters. The best are those assignments to research something that is really general just in case the issue pops up in the future not that they need it now for anything important. Thats good just in case I screw it up.

Larceny Bitch said...

I barely paid attention to my writing grade, heck, I've written like 20 memos in just the last two weeks, and seeing as how I haven't gotten fired yet, that's a good grade to me! Research and Writing is going to be MY bitch next year.

RandomLawyer2Be said...

I had a similar experience my first first summer job at a firm... except there was no real conversation, more of a command: "Go write the complaint on this medmal case, ask the secretary for the file. It should only take you about 30 minutes so come see me when you're done. I'll have more things for you after lunch."

Well, needless to say I had NO IDEA how to write a complaint, what to look for in the file, or anything else remotely close to what I was suppose to do. It turns out that it took me about 2 days for that projecy (not the 30 minutes!!) but luckily I didn't get fired.

Anyway, things get better, and I'm sure you, like me, will learn a lot on the job. Your post just made me laugh thinking back to the good ol' days.

By the way, enjoy every moment of the summer jobs, and even of law school, because all that is A MILLION TIMES BETTER than studying for the Bar Exam!