T-Minus 8 Hours...

...until we are all 2Ls.

But Houston, we have a problem: our Con Law exam stands between us and freedom. And unfortunately, Motivation seems to have forgotten we have an exam, and hasn't bothered to show up.

Please come back baby. I promise not to hurt you any more. I promise it will be like old times; I'll drop the cynicism and care about school again. I'll go back to being a bright eyed, eager, idealistic law student!

On second thought, fuck that shit. I like being jaded, not to mention Motivation gave really lousy head.

Now, what to do about that pesky exam? If only I had decided to go to one of those heathen secular schools, an offer of oral sex might actually get me out of the exam instead of getting me kicked out of law school. I guess I will have to content myself with typing up my outline and being a nelly bottom for the curve.


Calculating Bitch said...

Here's to riding that curve today and drinking it up afterwards!

Is it a bad thing that the only way that I could even pull myself out of bed this morning was with thoughts of how incredibly drunk I am going to be in 12 hours?

Larceny Bitch said...

I believe we will all be riding that curve together, right to a bar afterwards.

Outline John Roberts? Should I have one of those?

The Namby Pamby said...

congrats to you all!

dicta said...



i'm just bitter cuz i'm not done til wed

Larceny Bitch said...

We're done. Wooooohhhhooooooo!!!

I haven't been this excited in a long time, that's kinda sad.