This Just Sucks

Okay, so as most of you probably realize, we are on Spring Break this week. It is this topic which leads me to my two second rant since I've spent the last four days finding absolutely anything to procrastinate putting off this lovely summary judgment brief that we have to write (and when I say absolutely anything -- I've even gone so far as to (gasp) clean the toilet).

Why is it that in law school even a week off is not really a week off? I've heard rumors from the 2Ls that after your first year it doesn't matter if you have a paper due two days after break ends -- you still head off to Cancun or the Keys -- basically anywhere warmer without thoughts of Westlaw or looming due dates. It is comments like these that give me hope. Can anyone confirm that these rumors are true?


The Namby Pamby said...

I am a 2L and I have a 20+ page appellate brief Due a week from today. Like you, my Spring Break is in full swing. By full swing I mean working and doing other things of a productive nature whilst putting off the school work...unfortunately I didn't go to Cancun, Vegas, or Jail.


I have done no work on it. I think I lost the assignment details. I am not worried. That's what the weekend is for. And the first 2 days of next week. Who needs to go to class anyway?

M said...

Yes, the rumors are true. I have a paper that was due last semester that I'm thinking about turning in next year.

anygirl_everygirl said...

I went to Hawaii for Spring Break, and my summary judgment brief was due the monday i got back. I did a little work during a layover on the plane ride home, then cranked out the whole thing while hung over on Sunday afternoon. Take Heart!!