I don't remember reading that in that case...

In Con Law this morning we were talking about Brown v. Board of Education and the idea of racial discrimination and segregation. About ten minutes in to class, fellow blogger Class Bitch sends me an IM asking if she can get my notes because she already missed the first three points. I responded that was fine, and then went back to my note taking. Ten minutes later, I look over and she is working on something that is obviously NOT Con Law, so I send her the following IM:

Calculating Bitch: so now that I'm giving you notes, you've stopped paying attention all together?

Class Bitch: no I’ve been taking notes

Class Bitch: up to immigration

Calculating Bitch: hmm, we're not talking about immigration

Calculating Bitch: we're talking about INTEGRATION

NOTE TO SELF: Do not study for the Con Law final with Class Bitch. Although, I suppose if I was a better friend I'd stop sending her my notes so she starts paying attention...

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