Another note to the prospective law students:

Don't get excited about Criminal law. We all get excited, we were all gung ho in the beginning of the semester, "yeah, Crim Law! Rape, murder, robbery, what can be boring about that?!"

Just wait.

It's not what you think. You know it's bad when you start wishing desperately that you were back in Contracts just for something to keep you awake. It's also not good if you haven't take one note all class, and heck haven't even bothered to open your note-taking program (OneNote people!) And when you spend the entire class IMing people things like, "I dare you two to get up and leave class together," (Yes, lame I know) and "Double dog dare you to raise your hand and ask him what sodomy means." See? Sigh, this is wretched. But for all of you wondering out there:

It is Larceny Bitch's Birthday! Happy Birthday to ME!
So come on people out there, send Larceny some love for her birthday.

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