If Law School doesn't work out....

This is the IM chat that was going on in a class. Who says you don't learn things in law school? First you must know we were discussing my (girl) friend's attempt to kiss me in front of her fiance in an incredibly drunken stupor)

LarcenyBitch: Yes, the man was excited, but trying not to get too excited in case it didn't work out
John Roberts : the look on the fiance's face
LarcenyBitch: Which it didn't
Sandra Gay: ahhh...
LarcenyBitch: Poor guy
Sandra Gay: he was probably thinking "god, please! i will be in church every sunday for the rest of my life if you just make this happen"
LarcenyBitch: The fact that I was a dancer before, and a ghetto one at that, and was drunkenly showing it made him think this could be interesting
LarcenyBitch: LOL
LarcenyBitch: Yes, he probably was
Calculating Bitch: you were a dancer?
LarcenyBitch: yeah
Calculating Bitch: exotic dancing?
LarcenyBitch: no
John Roberts: plz say yes
Sandra Gay: "let my wife be a freak in the bed....PLEASE GOD!"
Calculating Bitch: with a pole and everything?
LarcenyBitch: Sorry John, no I was not a stripper
LarcenyBitch: She would be a freak if she got a chance
LarcenyBitch: I think he was a little disappointed in me
Calculating Bitch: I know a stripper who blew out her knee doing a pole trick and had to be taken to the hospital and cut out of her boots.
LarcenyBitch: That is awesome
John Roberts: ROFL
Lance Ito: lol
Sandra Gay: lol
Calculating Bitch: She became a waitress after that.
Calculating Bitch: We used to give her shit all of the time.
Sandra Gay: shut up Calculating Bitch
(at this point in class, Sandra Gay is hiding behind her laptop attempting to stifle her giggles)
Sandra Gay: i cant take it anymore
LarcenyBitch: That is the greatest
Sandra Gay: we're having a melt down over here
John Roberts: "and candi's season has been cut short by a torn ligament in her knee"
Lance Ito: i gotta pee...
Calculating Bitch: doesn't look like it
John Roberts: "hopefully we will see her back next season!"
Lance Ito: laughing ain't helping
Calculating Bitch: nope, that was her last dance.
LarcenyBitch: Okay, stop
John Roberts: oh damn
John Roberts: career ending
Calculating Bitch: Except when we would make her get on the tables at Fridays
John Roberts: she probably lost her shot at the hall of fame
Calculating Bitch: only usually took a drink or two
John Roberts: its so sad to see careers cut short like that
Calculating Bitch: then it became Coyote Ugly
Lance Ito: maybe they will make an injury exception for the Hall