And YOU got into law school?

Welcome to the first round of what will probably be many observations regarding some of the people whose wit and personality astound me:

Concerned law student to a fellow law student with an air cast on her right ankle: "What happened?"

Gimpy law student: "I was wearing really cute shoes on Saturday."
Law professor on the first day of class: "So what movie or show possibly influenced your decision to come to law school?"

Around the room the standard response was Law and Order, A Civil Action, Perry Mason and To Kill A Mockingbird, just to name a few.

The blonde sitting in front of me, pink pen in hand, "Legally Blonde One and Two."

(Hmm, I guess having seen the first movie wasn't enough for her. It was the second one that put that decision over the edge. I wonder if you can take your LSATs with a pink pen?)
A student just prior to a three-hour final while trying to add up the "recommended times" for each question: "But that's only 180 minutes. That's not three hours!"
1L in the law library volunteering way too much information:
"So like I went to this 80s party the other night and got really drunk. I was on my way to school the next morning and felt really sick, so I like pulled over in this parking lot and ran behind a car and started puking. As I was puking all I could think was 'ohmigod, what if someone sees me? I'm going to be a lawyer someday.' After I was done I got back in my car and decided maybe I shouldn't go to class, so I went home. But I tried to go to class that day so it should count for something."

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