Also, I'm smarter than my sister

Things to know before reading this. My sister was saludictorian of her class. She got straight A's all through school (seriously, never anything lower). She was in at least 10 extracurricular activities. She has received numerous awards and scholarships. She has just begun college this year. And yet I am smarter.

Conversation, Sunday 11am:

Me: Hey sis, how is everything?
Sis: Fine.
Me: Ready to go back to school?
Sis: Yep.
Me: Quite wordy today aren't we?
Sis: Huh?
Me: Nevermind.
Sis: Okay.
Me: So.........(trying desperately to think of a topic) what class did you pick as an elective?
Sis: Latin American Studies.
Me: Oh, that could be interesting. (No it wouldn't)
Sis: Yeah.
Me: So why'd you pick it?
Sis: Cause it's what I want to do with my career.
Me: Oh, you mean like anthropology or something?
Sis: No, like HUMANITARIAN work.
Me: Oh, uh.....nevermind.

Apparently, my sister thinks she's Angelina Jolie and that you can just volunteer for the rest of your life. She is unaware that it is not an actual job. See? Smarter.

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