Advice: Day 3

"What if I fail the MPRE?"

Take it again. And again.

Or, look at it this way -- you really can't fail the MPRE, you may just have to move to a less ethical jurisdiction. Try somewhere down south (Alabama, Georgia, Missisippi), somewhere more backwards (Kentucky, South Dakota, West Virginia), or somewhere where they probably don't even have accredited law schools (N. Mariana Islands, Palau, and the Virgin Islands). Apparently Puerto Rico doesn't require the MPRE so you can always go there.

To all of you taking the MPRE right now, good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Advice 4: Why do law schools require interviews? Isn't the lenghty application, which asks very detailed questions, enough?

I ask this because i have a mediocre gpa but do really well on standardized exams, so i'm certain i will get a high LSAT score (160+), but i look like a third world peasant who just got released from a detention camp. Basically I don't want to be admitted to a prestigious law school through affirmative action, or diversity program, etc.

gracias seƱores