Advice Day 11

"how to get Westlaw points"

This my area of expertise. See my previous post on the topic ("Westlaw=Crack.") Not only do I whore myself out to Westlaw, I am an equal opportunity whore and also use Lexis. For Westlaw, attend every single training session you can (you can get 200 or more points for each session, I am actually in a Training Session right now). Do the topical seminars and take the quizzes online (the problem with this is once you do it you can't get the points ever again). Sign up to be on the Westlaw mailing list (they send you easy opportunities to get more points). Do research 5 times a week and answer all the trivia questions. If you follow these steps you too can get an iPod like me (I'm in the process of trying to accumulate enough points for another iPod).

While we are on the subject of Westlaw points, I'll give you a brief overview of Lexis points. The big advantage of Lexis is you can earn points 7 days a week (as opposed to Westlaw which is only 5 days a week). However, at our school it seems to be really hard to earn points. For Lexis, once again get on the mailing list; it will send you easy ways to earn points. Also on Lexis similar to Westlaw, do online classes (unlike Westlaw you can do 6 of these a semester to earn points) and once again attend seminars to get more points.

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