Why is it Always the Douche Bags with their Mouths Open?

I had a class this week in which one of the students made sure to point out to the rest of us that he is "here on scholarship."

Here's the thing: Shut the hell up!

Our law school is one in which perhaps 4 out of 5 students have received at least some sort of modest-to-high-end scholarship to attend. And, knowing the student who pointed out his scholarship, Im willing to bet 4 out of 5 recipients get more than this guy.

There are two responses to the "I'm on scholarship" line that we sometimes here:

1) Fuck you. I'm paying through the fucking ass to sit here, and the last thing I want to hear is about how you aren't.

2) Mines bigger than yours. In my extensive time in higher ed, I've learned that scholarships are like penis size: the more someone is bragging about it, the smaller it probably is. It is infuriating to hear someone brag immodestly (thats in contrast to "bragging modestly") about something that you know they probably shouldn't be bragging about. But the rest of us are just too sage/wise/tactful to smack down the braggart by informing the individual that, "really you're not that special."

And for those of you who think we've been dissing on 2Ls disproportionately lately (shut up in class already!), this was a 3L who hadn't yet learned his lesson.


nicolle said...

wtf? i also go to a law school where a large portion of people are on scholarship, and no one brags about it in class! that's not tactful at all...and he's a 3L?!

what a douchebag. if you have a chance to kick or slap him on my behalf, please do it. <3

John Roberts said...

I bet 4 out of 5 readers noticed your typo of "throw" rather than "through"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a school in the Great White North.

April Elizabeth said...

i think that is always douche bags with thier mouths open, because anyone with a lick of commen sense knows that know one gives a fuck, and either douche bags don't know or dont care