Another Difference Between 2Ls and 3Ls

Today I printed off a rather long document. As I walked up to the printer to claim my print there was a 2L standing there starting to freak out. She grabbed my document off of the printer and said, "Omigod. This is already 20 pages. What is this like a freaking novel?"

"Yes, actually, it is," I said, grabbing the first 30 pages off of the printer. (Rather then pay for a law-related novel I have to read for a class, I downloaded the e-book and printed it off. I can assure you, much cheaper [read: free] this way.)

The 2L then proceeded to wig out.

"You can't print this many pages out! I have a paper that is due for class in three minutes!" She wailed.

"Well, I printed first and I am not canceling my print now." Then, just to egg her on, I added, "Why are you waiting until three minutes before class starts to print your paper anyway?"

She just kind of looked at me blankly, and then whined, "I don't have the time to wait for this." At that point my novel had only printed 40 out of the 90 pages so I took pity on her. I showed her how to map to another printer nearby and reprint her paper. She ran off, retrieved it ,and then went flying out of the library to class.

As this is all happening, a 3L walks up to the printer and stands by it, waiting. I walked over and said, "You waiting for a paper? Sorry, but it is still going to be a few minutes with my printing."

"Oh, I don't care if I'm late to class." The 3L then proceeded to wait for the next four minutes while the novel finished printing. Then she calmly grabbed her pages, stapled them, and meandered off to the same class the 2L had already dashed off to.

Ahhhh, it's great to be a 3L and not care. It's even more fun to be a 3L and antagonize the 2Ls that still do care.


Silly Little Law Student said...

You guys have the most ridiculous 2Ls on the face of the planet.

Larceny Bitch said...

You people have no idea how ridiculous our 2Ls are. We'd have better stories if they weren't such that it would give us away completely to the little buggers.

I love my 3L brethren.

dicta said...

wow, you really pussed out with compassion. i would've offered to help her reroute her paper then canceled it and printed out a second novel i wasn't even going to read.

Anonymous said...

haha 2Ls

it seems like a lot of people want to go to law school these days and to be honest, it isnt hard to get in. there isn't even a high demand for them. after graduation competition is tough in the job market

not everyone will be a practicing lawyer, some will go into teaching, still others will do administrative work. Others will realize that going to law school was a mistake because they have found a calling other than law.

i always wander, doctors are and will always be in demand. No matter what country you go to, you can practice why arent most people going to medical school? i mean the incentives of prestige, money, respect, are there. Why not?

i understand that females LOVE law because they love speaking, writing, and ARGUING. Seems more of a female profession, though it is not. what are your reasons for going to law school?

btw, why is it that that wonder woman icon is very arousing?

Anonymous said...

Do you really think this extends to all 2Ls, or that there are just a few more neurotic freaks that skipped the real world in the class of 2009 than the class of 2008. I am sure you still have a few nut jobs in your class.

I've been chuckling at these kinds of people since my 1L year. They'll last a couple of years before they crack.

Useless Dicta said...

You guys really do have some neurotic 2Ls at your school........ I'm a 2L and I'm already to the point of not caring if I'm on time, hell it's practically a miracle if I decide to show up to class at all :)

Trevor said...

"Rather then pay for a law-related novel I have to read for a class, I downloaded the e-book and printed it off."

Whoa whoa whoa. What's all this "I have to read for class" nonsense?

Calculating Bitch said...

Trevor - let me rephrase. "Rather then pay for a law-related novel I actually want to read for class..."

The prof affectionately refers to the class as a book club. And it basically is. The first class of my law school career that I actually look forward to going to every week. Chalk that up to the "I never thought I'd see it happen column."

teahouse said...

Hey, pretty friggin' funny. I remember how little I cared by 3L year. Those were the days!