Goals for Our 3L Year

Following with the good practice of goal setting (and since we will surely have to do it as we crossover into the full-time working world) and with the tradition of last year it is time to make note of the LawBitches' ambitions for our third and final year of law school:
  • We are 3Ls. Creating a list of goals here would be counter to our one and only mission this year: to do as little as possible and still graduate.
Which, I guess, means that we won't be intentionally trying to terrify the 1Ls, or convince a 2L to serve as our law clerk. That's not to say that we probably will still max out our absences, embark on drinking binges and still complain about life.

Here's to 257 days before graduation! (And yes, I do have it as a countdown clock on my Google Desktop tool).

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