It's Going To Be A Long Week

I woke up this morning wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life and if the path I'm on even makes me happy.

When I went to the bathroom at work I discovered that I put my underwear on inside out.

Now I just found out that I've been summoned for jury duty.

I hate Mondays.


John Roberts said...

At least you didn't put them on backwards. Nothing like catching a nasty UTI from your own anal bacteria to ruin your week.

Anonymous said...

now that's stress. I mean if you're in law school, just learn to love it and graduate, then start making the big bucks.

many people have no idea what they are doing with their lives. Heck im almost 50 years old and im just gonna graduate from college.

SO I HAVE A QUESTION. I have to read some cases and brief them. DO you guys know any link to shortened supreme court cases or any tip on not having to read the darn 20+ pages of legal mambo jumbo?

Anonymous said...

since u guys are superior to me on this stuff, i was wandering if you could take time away from posting on underwear and give some advice. GRACIAS.

Guy Fawkes said...

@ winai:

Wikipedia actually has a lot of information on the more significant (or at least better-known) US Supreme Court cases. The usual warnings about Wikipedia apply, but I've yet to encounter a major issue with any of their USSC info.

The official Supreme Court site,, is a great place to find summaries of US Supreme Court decisions. Just keep in mind that the site isn't comprehensive and that the briefs don't necessarily cover every point of law in the case.

Guy Fawkes said...

One more note: the most glaring deficiency with a lot of the Oyez briefs is that they often devote only 1-2 sentences to the dissenting opinions.

dicta said...

hey roberts, how's the seizure goin?

Jane Milton said...

Hi CB: You know I never wrote that post about foreigners in Shanghai. I better do that ... when the MAN isn't keeping me down. I'll get on it, when I have a chance to breathe. Damn clients.

Sorry to hear about jury duty. Just say you're in law school and normally they dismiss you like you're Satan's spawn. Lawyers don't like other lawyers or lawyers-to-be in the courtroom; thinks other juries will follow your lead.