It's Only Been Two Days

There are over 20 interns at the place I'm interning this summer. In the midst of orientation, icebreakers, and filling out employment paperwork, I discovered a few things:

1. The intern that sits next to me was born in 1985. (He was coming down the birthing canal as I sat at my desk eating paste.)

2. During the identify-who-the-random-interesting-fact-belongs-to human bingo icebreaker, I discovered that I am the only one who is married. Furthermore, I am the only one who owns a house. (I'm beginning to wonder how many of them are still living with their parents).

3. Only five of us have actually graduated from undergrad and 4 of those are in grad school.

4. The intern that sits next to me is one of the ones that has graduated, so I'm guessing that he is probably one of the older ones. (He was born in 1985, mind you.)

5. When I suggested happy hour, several of my new co-workers pulled out their fake ids.

6. This internship is making me feel old.

7. This internship is making me wonder why exactly I went to law school (apparently I was just as qualified to do this while I was still in undergrad?)...

8. We were given 15 hours of online self-study training & tests to complete with only 13 hours in our schedule blocked out. After 8 hours, I'm already maybe age does bring wisdom? (More likely that one good thing I've learned in law school is how to sort out the relevant from the bullshit in order to cram to take a damn test).

And it's only been two days. (The plus side is that when one of the firm's partners took a group of 4 of us out to lunch yesterday he spent most of the 90 minutes talking to me. Probably because his kids are older then half of the other interns.)


Lance Ito said...

Wow is all I have to say. But on the brightside, you can supplement your summer income by buying them alcohol. That "older" intern that you met is younger than my little brother. At my firm I'm the youngest and probably the only one without kids.

Calculating Bitch said...

That's really encouraging Lance. Especially since you've got four years on me already. I guess if I look at it that way though, rewind four years ago and I'd be the "older" intern and you'd be the aging law student.

Daisy Duke said...

We have clerks that are 19. NINE. TEEN.

They are not even 20 years old. They tell stories about "this one time when I was so wasted" and then take the train home to their parent's house. I have not lived with my parents since 2001, and that was only for a summer. Sheesh.