Who said I need to know anything about advocacy?

7:52 PMme: oh, crap. class participation = 33% of the grade.
I'm so screwed
7:53 PM John: just pretend to be a gunner
raise your hand, spout nonsense, and you're done
just make sure its a complete sentence and doesn't include any swear words
me: that's really tough
no swear words?
John: well yeah
7:54 PM just pretend you are at your sentencing hearing, before Judge [Prof Righteousness], and the charge is child molestation
you have to really get into it
me: "My client did not fuck the child, your honor."
John: see you already screwed it up
me: dammit
I'm no good at talking in class
7:55 PM John: it's "My client did not adversley possess the boy's anus with his penis, your honor"
me: it's a good thing that the only court I'll ever be in is probate court and my client is already dead.

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