What a lovely Friday morning

So apparently, this is what 2Ls do to entertain ourselves now that we're bored with the 1Ls: I am currently sitting in a study area with my "good" blogger friends Lance Ito and John Roberts. And what is the discussion at hand?
This, this, and this.
You are warned, these things are freaking disgusting. Oh, and Lance Ito and John Roberts are highly amused by the looks on my face. I'm not going to be able to sleep for weeks thinking about those little pinworms and their apparent admiration for the anus. And what the hell, they're not even in some small, 3rd world country, they're right here in North America. Note to self: when you have plans to study, and actually get some work done (i.e. actually read for a class for once) DO NOT sit with John and Lance when they have access to the internet and are intent on grossing each other out.

Also, I hate Tax Law.

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mellancollyeyes said...

Ha! I found you. Granted, much through your hint, but still. I found you.