A little contest on a Thursday morning

Now that we're back in school, the stories and law school amusements are finally back. Which means I finally have something to blog about again. (Did ya miss me? Come on, you know you did).

Anyhoo.....I have a little competition for everyone this Thursday morning. The very first day of our Tax class I did not sit with my fellow bitches. I walked into class about 2 mins. before class started (look, it seemed much wiser to get that extra half hour of sleep, what did it matter, it was just the first day of classes). So anyway, I ended up sitting in an area surrounded by people I don't necessarily associate with on a regular basis. To amuse myself while the prof. discussed exemptions (which I'm sure Calculating was drooling at the time) I looked around at those sitting around me and looked at what they were looking at on their computers. Yes I'm nosy. If I wasn't, I would have nothing to entertain you all with. Here is what was on the monitors (please note, that this was immediately after the prof told us his computer-usage policy of no internet, no email, no games and no IM):

1) Guy to my immediate left: Website for shoes. (I thought only chicks did this, but whatever).

2) Guy immediatly next to him on the left: Fantasy Football webpage (I understand Lance Ito also has an obsession with this thing called Fantasy Football) to which he kept swearing under his breath every few minutes.

3) Guy immediatly in front of me: I kid you not, 10 IM windows. Now, that's just impressive. He should get a JD degree just for being able to manage all that. He was typing and switching screens like a madman.

4) Girl to my immediate right: Two windows - Her notes page, to which she was taking very thorough notes and listening intently (no, it was not Calculating), and her other word document of her case briefs. Yes, I said case briefs. And they were written by her, trust me.

5) Girl in front of me and to the right: Her notes, an ebay page where she was refreshing every 2 seconds to see if she had won some Chanel purse with these weird squiggly things all over it and an IM screen where she was updating the girl sitting several rows in front of her that "she almost got it, it's going to be freakin' awesome." Eh. Yes, I could read that, she wrote it in all caps.

6) Guy in front of Girl #5 who kept attempting to stifle his laughs as he was IM'd links to shirts with naughty phrases and sexual positions on them.

Now, I ask you. Three questions: Name which is the person known as one of the smartest people in our 2Lclass. Then name the person who is a 3L. Then name the person most likely to succeed as a lawyer. (The last one is just for my amusement). The one to get it right wins my undying love.


LawMommy said...

SMARTEST. Is this a trick querstion? is it you? If its one of the others, I go with #2 Fantasy Football dude.

The 3L: #4 the chick with her own briefs. Because it seems the most incongruous (sp).

Most likely to succeed: #3 Im-mania = multitasking + plus attention to detail + ability to prioritize. This guy is on the fast-track to partner-land.

dicta said...

smartest: my gut tells me it's girl #5 on ebay, mainly cuz it seems most contrary to the way things should be. but i also must say, if she's getting that excited about a purse, she probably doesnt have much going on in her life anyways.

3L: for the same reason as above, i'd go with girl #4.

likely to succeed: i'd like to think guy 6 cuz he's probably the closest one to me. it's like what i told my girlfriend "you can seize my assets anyday."

Larceny Bitch said...

Okay, you're both right about girl #4. I thought it would be clever, but you're both right on, I just find it sad. Neither of you are right about smartest though. So close....and no, it is definitely not me. Especially not in tax.

Calculating Bitch said...

What I want to know is how girl #4 had briefs for tax given that: 1) we didn't even have reading for class on the first day of tax; and 2) we don't have a casebook and will not be doing any cases for tax. How is it then that someone sitting near you managed to have briefs for that class?

Based on that, I'd say #4 is going to make the best lawyer because she is so prepared that she is reading and briefing cases that were never assigned. Anyone who is psychic has to make a great attorney.

dicta said...

its the shoe guy isnt it? gross

Larceny Bitch said...

To answer calculating: I have no idea what the cases were. All I could see was that at the top of her page she had the Internal Revenue Code in bold letters, then had cases listed. And then summaries. I'm not sure if she just got quick cases that have been argued in tax court or what. She obviously has a lot of time on her hands. I wish I was making her up. It's quite sad in my view. Maybe she wants to be like you Calculating.

It was the shoe guy. Dicta wins.

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