We Have Arrived!

The LawBitches have finally made it in the Blog-o-sphere. We have become the subject of a stalker market research. Recall the recent post about our frequent visitor from West Publishing Group (aka the makers of our beloved Westlaw)? Well, the same vistor has been back almost every day since that last post. And we've now officially been saved as a project on their desktop. No joke.
Here's the complete file name: File:///C:/PROJECTS/PROJECT_MGMT/Summarization/Sentiment_Analysis

See that? We are sentiment analysis. Which must mean we are important, right?

Since now we are obviously a blog of importance, my only question is: where's our movie deal?


John Roberts said...

Saved to the C drive? Don't they know that law students are all about grades, so giving us a C is a deep insult?

I bet Lexis Nexis would treat us better. They would probably save us to at least the B+ drive.

LawStudentGuyPerson said...

"Just Curious"? Is that like bi-curious? Or blog-curious, blawg-curious, lawbitch-curious?

Lily Graypure said...

I want their job. I want to read blogs all day and then call it "sentiment analysis." HEY!! YOU!! Person!! If you read this, save me from going to law school--offer me a job now.

LawMommy said...

Lily stole my comment! I totally want to do sentiment analysis for Westlaw! My job would be to read blogs all day!

dicta said...

funny, i've been dealing with a stalker lately myself. granted, mine is on instant messenger, but she's out of her damn mind.

see her myspace here. dont worry, you cant find me thru it if that's what you're thinking! also, feel free to send her a message about how she needs to stop being a stalker, and a bad one at that. i've outstalked my stalker.

psonica said...

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