What Law School Really Teaches Us...

After receiving an email at 6:40 in the morning, this conversation ensued:

Calculating: What the hell are you doing up so early? Don’t you know it’s SUMMER?

John Roberts: True it's summer, but I figure maybe I should finally get something accomplished for the Prof I’m working for this summer. What the hell are YOU doing up so early? :-p

Calculating: 6 am on a Wednesday morning in the summer? Well, I’m at school studying, of course.

John Roberts: How do you manage to refrain from cutting yourself?

Calculating: I don’t. I’ve just learned to move the cuts farther up my arms in the summer, so I can still wear t-shirts.

John Roberts: Right on. Probably inside of the arm works better too.

Calculating: Hey, you’re not looking at the plus side here. I have the ENTIRE library ALL to myself. Plus, when I was in here this early on Monday morning, I didn’t turn the lights on and when the library guy came into open up I freaked him out. Ah, good times.

John Roberts: So basically summer classes have turned you into a creepy cutter?

Calculating: Nah, I was one before summer school started. Summer school has just allowed me to continue to expound on those values.

John Roberts: I guess law school is good at helping us to grow as people.

Calculating: It really truly is. And to think, I thought I’d only be learning the law when I came here…

John Roberts: Instead we get to learn the law as well as new and inventive ways to hurt ourselves.


dicta said...

as many scars as the cutting may leave, it will never compare to the emotional and psychological damage law school inflicts

Christian said...

I am SOOO freakin tired of waiting for this grade!!!