7 Weeks Later...

Our property exam was April 28th. It was our first exam of spring semester.

When did we finally get our property grade?

Friday. As in two days ago. As in 49 days after the exam.

In the mean time we had all of our other grades over two weeks ago. So we've been suffering, not knowing what our semester GPA was and having no idea how we did in property. To make things worse no one really had any clue what they were getting for a grade because the professor is a bit of a wildcard. It was the first completely-closed-book-closed-note exam of our law school career. And it didn't even cover over half of what we learned.

Not sure what was worse:
  • Studying seven days straight 14+ hours a day in order to memorize twice as much information as we were actually tested on.
  • Creating 500+ flashcards in order to cover all of the new vocabulary and problems that were in the book.
  • Spending two weeks learning RAP only to find out that it only applies in Arkansas.
  • Memorizing the four different types of fee tails only to not have it mentioned anywhere on the exam.
  • Classifying future interests in my sleep the entire three nights before the exam.
  • Waiting 49 days (38 days after the semester was over and 21 days after grades were due) to end the pain and suffering of spring semester.
For all you other law students -- have any of you ever had to wait this long for a grade?


John Roberts said...

You forgot about the part where RAP wasn't even on the fucking exam.

Glad to know we spent two fucking weeks of class time (@ $90 a fucking minute!) learning about some shit that we're not going to be tested on and only applies in a hell hole wasteland of a state that I will never step foot in.

What a waste of fucking time, effort, and emotional energy.

(This rant brought to you by Property fucking my GPA in the ass with an auger)

The BLS said...

We haven't had our grades posted yet. I took my last exam on May 8th.

My law school is notorious for not releasing grades until sometime in mid-July... long after we care about what they actually are. Personally, I think it's their way of avoiding law students who go "postal." What they fail to understand is that the actual WAITING is what makes us go postal... not the grades themselves.

LawStudentGuyPerson said...

Wow I thought ours was bad...the other 1L section's Property professor first submitted their grades a week late, then they get an e-mail saying the Professor forgot to factor in the grades from the first semester. Unbelievable.

Interesting (ok, not really) that you did the RAP 2nd semester. We did it 1st, and I can't tell you how many hours I spent brainstorming hypos to learn it better...and yes, it wasn't on our exam either.

LawMommy said...


What am I getting myself into?