Yes, but which BFF's are they?

I think Mike over at Barely Legal Blog just wrote an entire blog about Class Bitch and Calculating Bitch.

See, both Classy and Calculating are always together. Both are married, and both are overachievers. Also, they have the same real name. In fact, during a drunken moment, Class Bitch said to Calculating, "I can't get mad at you, that would be like being mad at myself. Because we have the same name." Yup.

So which version of BFF's are they? Married BFF's? Nerdy BFF's? (as we see from Class's outlining habits in the previous post, as well as Calculating's who are probably even worse) They would be Party Girls if there wasn't all this studying involved. So, any votes?

Let it be known however, that we love them both just the same because of all of it!


Calculating Bitch said...

Actually, if you recall when Class and I met at orientation we both thought that the other was the biggest bitch we had ever met.

If you are questioning our feelings for each other please refer to this post. We can't stand each other, but are so concerned about competing with each other that have to study together (just so I know that I will do better then her).

Larceny Bitch said...

That blog is the perfect example of the love hate relationship of a law school BFF. Long live class and calculating!

Also, if she keeps freaking out before exams, you may well do better.

John Roberts said...

I bet Larceny is just jealous she doesn't have a BFF! ;-) :-P

......................... said...

I thought it was more like an annoying Hemorrhoid.

Larceny Bitch said...

Thank God. I had one, lost her the second I could. And then found you losers.