Crap, it just got worse.

So, I was telling the significant other about a case I am working on at work. And this is what I said to him:

"The court really should have denied the motion for change of venue because based on the decedent's county of residence and based on (State Statute) that allows for venue in the defendant's place of residence, venue was proper in (this county)."

I then stopped myself. Turned to him and said "How in God's name do you put up with me."

And then he laughed, and laughed, and shook his head.

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dicta said...

poor guy. i'm currently at my parents house, and my mom asked me about school and i just went off about all the things i hate about my school. then i made a rule: no talking about law school for at least a week. day 2, law school free! woo woo