Sick days even suck

Larceny bitch is sitting at home on the couch right now with my laptop and a cup a tea (which I have to be careful with as I have a habit of spilling.) I decided to go to a car show with the significant other last night and proceeded to eat the famous "mini-donut." Never had them before, heard great things, ate them, wanted to die 6 hours later. So yes, I was a good significant other - but now I am paying for it. And I should know better, my whole life has been stomach issues, as I have a stomach that is prone to issues anyway.

But alas, I am staying home from classes because 1) I feel like crap and 2) It is snowing a lot again and I am in no condition for public transportation. Especially if another smelly drunk sits next to me, I will barf. But anyway, you would think this would be kinda awesome, like back when you were a kid and when you stayed home you got to watch TV and have your mom make tea and toast or something. Nope. I will be sitting at home, studying. Granted, I may watch an hour of Dr. Phil (I love him) but that's about it. Otherwise, I will be researching and reading for classes. Damn law school. You can't even rest on a sick day. What is that all about?

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