Damn attendance

The Barely Legal Blog wrote an awesome blog about the incredible inability of law students to pass papers around the classroom. It was featured in the National Jurist and as I read it, I was sitting in class and the attendance sheet was coming towards me. This happens in many classes around here. Funny enough, it usually ends up at Class Bitch's spot (and she is in the middle of the room in a middle row - don't ask) After thinking of this post I thought, "well I can't screw it up in this class, they always send it out in the same direction." WRONG. I get it, sign the sheet, and then pass it to the person in front of me (yes, that is how it has been done all semester, do not ask me how or why - I just pass the way I know works). But today, alas, it failed. The person took it. Looked at it for a minute, then he (and the person next to him) turned around and said "we already got it." It's funny how none of us, including a fellow blogger next to me could not figure out what to do. There was a system! We knew that system! Now what?! And so, we pass it behind and pawn it off on another to figure it out. That's right, pass the buck.

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