Top 10 Things I would rather be doing right now instead of reading Constitutional Law:

10. Listening to Brittney Spears tell me about "her like, best dream ever"
9. Learning about Magic cards or Dungeons and Dragons from a 14-year-old kid.
8. Pulling my toenails out with a needle nose pliers.
7. Watching Dick Cheney and Pat Sajak have sex.
6. Reading the entire Bible for grammatical errors.
5. Letting a goat shit on my face.
4. Learning about the meaning of life from Orrin Hatch.
3. Going door-to-door with the Jehovah's Witnesses.
2. Letting someone perform a "chili dog" on me. (Many thanks to our friends at urbandictionary.com for that one.)
And #1......
Being passed through the large intestine of a 700 lb. NAMBLA member.

Seriously though..... this shit sucks.

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Calculating Bitch said...

Regarding #7 -- is that Dick Cheney and Pat Sajak having sex with each other? or is that just Dick having sex with whomever and Pat having sex with whomever?

If it is the former, then this should rank much higher than #7.