Our Goals for the 2L Year

Goals. Resolutions. Ambitions. Call them what you will, it is simply good practice to set goals for every new school year. (By the way, classes start Monday for us, so we should be back in action with plently of blogging material). So, without further ado, here are the goals that we here at No Competition aspire to achieve this year:
  • Drink the round-the-world beer tour (80 different beers) at one of the local bars before the end of fall semester
  • Convince at least one 1L to purchase a “pool” pass
  • Not read one page of any book for at least one class. Better yet, not even buy all of the required books.
  • Get a 1L to pee her pants
  • Use every single absence in every single class possible. (Screw the perfect attendance certificate, Roberts)
  • Convince at least one 1L that it will be a rewarding experience (and look great on his resume) to be a law clerk for the LawBitches.
  • Instead of playing Gunner BINGO in class, playing drinking games. For example, in Professional Responsibility every time the professor says “ethics” we have to do a shot.
  • Join Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Be accused of being an alcoholic by a significant other
  • Win the over/under on the number of 1Ls to drop after Fall grades come out.
  • Drink more coffee in one semester than annually exported from Costa Rica.


the littlest tortfeasor said...

Wait....gunner bingo isn't a drinking game?

LawStudentGuyPerson said...

Hey, good luck meeting all your goals this year! I especially like the ones where you try to get 1Ls to do stuff...

Butterflyfish said...

See now i embrace the alcoholism, i support not buying books, and I'm even ok with the pool pass... but getting a 1L to piss her pants is just wrong. Worse, it won't be much of a challenge.