Roll Tape?

As I was cleaning up the aftermath on Tuesday afternoon, I put away the video camera. Yep, for those of you that don't recall, the video camera came out. Let's just say that about 8 hours after our last exam, and and more beers in then any of us care to count, things started to get interesting. In order to preserve the semi-anonymity of this blog, as well as to allow all of us to sit for the bar in two years, the video will not be posted here. However, here are some of the highlights:

Best Karaoke of the Night:
"Baby Got Back"

Best Quote of the Evening:
"Have you ever given a blowjob with Pop Rocks in your mouth? It makes you feel not so much like throwing up."

Advice That We Would Give To Ourselves If We Were Starting All Over Again (Besides Do Don't Do It):
[*Disclaimer: remember that we were all completely trashed by this time. This is the order as it went on tape.]
  • Get a prescription for valium before starting school.
  • In the words of Ferris Bueller: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it."
  • Take notes while you read.
  • Don't hang out with Sandra Gay.
  • Drink. A Lot. Even though they tell you not to.
  • Go for a jog. Every day.
  • When law school gets hard like a dick -- fuck it!
  • How can I follow that? Um, eat breakfast before hand?
  • Make friends with smart people, because the dumbasses aren't going to help you.
  • Get an Ann Taylor card because you'll have to dress up like a mother-effing monkey.
Hmm, I think they should solicit our advice for the admissions brochure next year. What you think?


dicta said...

the valium one is key. or zoloft or xanax. just be sure to be on something heavy.

The Reasonable Peep said...

Good thing I made friends with smart people, or else I would be f'd.

John Roberts said...

Well I guess we are all fucked then RP, 'cause I thought you were one of the smart people.